08 Aug

Student Turned Teacher’s Aide

Sofia, a rising high school freshman, is volunteering as a teacher’s aide for our month-long Summer Reading and Math Academy. It’s her first time ever volunteering. With her help, children in the program will keep learning this summer and beat the dreaded “summer slide” – learning loss that can occur when children don’t read during the summer holiday.

How does she like it? “It’s really fun!” she said. “I like getting all the materials together for the class. I like to help behind the scenes.”

As a volunteer teacher’s aide, Sofia assists in the classroom of 17 – 20 kindergarten and first graders. The classes meet Monday through Thursday afternoons.  During the class, she goes around and checks the students’ worksheets to see if they are correct. The students are working on basic addition, spelling, and reading.

By the end of the summer, Sofia will complete the 75 hours of community service required by her school.  Still, she wants to return next summer to volunteer again. “I love it!” Sofia said.