01 Jul

Monte Sinai Students Volunteer

Monte Sinai Student Volunteers

June 8, 2016 — Thirty high school students from the Monte Sinai High School near Mexico City, Mexico, came to LSA to learn about our work and to participate in activities with children in LSA programs. They toured the building and had a Q&A session with LSA Advocate, Pura Cruz.

The students brought art supplies and snacks with them and played games with the children.

The activity had a great impact on the high school students. One of the facilitators from the high school wrote:

It was an honor visiting you and having an activity with the kids.

Most of our high school students come from migrant families that arrived to Mexico in WWII.  They had never before thought about what it must have been like for their grandparents to have to move to another country, and most of all they did not understand the issues of poverty and immigration and were not aware how often it still happens today. It was definitely an eye opening experience for our students to learn about the struggles of Mexican immigrants in the United States.

The conclusions they gave at the end of the trip about Little Sisters and what they learned here were amazing. They said that they just learned about an entire different  reality of the  USA, NY and the world in general that they were not aware of previously.

They learned that sometimes just by playing with someone you can give so much.

At the end of the activity, the students very generously donated from their own pockets, and the total amount was $354.

We look forward to having students from Monte Sinai visit LSA again next summer!

23 Nov

P138 Students Hold a Food Drive for LSA

Today students from P138 in East Harlem visited LSA with donations of food for our pantry, collected through a food drive at the school.  The special needs students and their families brought in canned and dry staples, collecting over 200 items in all.  Rumor has it there was a friendly classroom competition to see which of the three participating classes could collect the most items.  We hope they all had fun and thank the students and families for their generosity!

These donations are particularly timely, as we tend to see an increase in need for food pantry services during the holiday season.

During their visit, the students, ranging from grades 7-12, learned about our food pantry and the other programs we offer.  They asked great questions, and even helped to stock the shelves.

Our thanks to the students, teachers and families of P138 for their fantastic donation!

To learn about hosting a food drive and other volunteer opportunities, visit our Volunteer page.