Why East Harlem / El Barrio?

Despite pockets of gentrification, El Barrio remains home to more underserved and poor residents than anywhere in Manhattan. Thousands struggle every day to meet their basic needs or overcome hardship.

Over 70% of children are born into poverty here, and they face worse risks to their health and wellbeing than children living almost anywhere else in NYC.

Many East Harlem families live in substandard housing, and as a result, the youngest suffer from poverty-caused developmental delays and preventable Illness. Over 40% of El Barrio residents live below the poverty line, and 26% have no health insurance.

Overall, East Harlem/El Barrio (Community District 11) and Central Harlem have among the highest rates for risk factors to the well being of children in NYC.  Risk factors include poor economic conditions, preventable illness, substandard housing conditions, abuse or neglect, quality of education and environmental impacts on health*:

Children born into poverty: 71.7%

Asthma Emergency Room Visits for Children: Ranked #1 in NYC at a rate of 71.6 (rate refers to number of cases per 1,000 children)

Child Abuse and Neglect Investigatons:  Ranked #1 in NYC at a rate of 61.7 (NYC rate is 30.  Rate refers to number of cases per 1,000 children.)

Obesity Among Public Elementary and Middle Schoolers: Ranked #2 in NYC at 24.6%

Mothers who gave birth with little or no prenatal care: 8.3% — almost double the Manhattan average of 4.8%.

Overall poverty: 34% (Up 4% since 2011.  The Federal Poverty Level for a family of four is $24,250)

Community Living in ‘Fair to Poor’ Housing Conditions: 49%

Infant Mortality Rate: 5.3 (Upper West Side: 1.5)

Major Sources of Air Pollution: 3 bus depots and 1 wastewater treatment plant (the most in Manhattan)

*Statistics:  Citizens’ Committee for Children of NYC, Inc.