Agency Administration

Reada Edelstein

Senior Administration

Reada Edelstein | Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Mitchell | Chief Operating Officer  and Chief of Finance and Administration

Ray Lopez | Director of Programs



Lucia Bravo | Manager | Advocacy & Emergency Food Pantry

Environmental Health Services

Ray Lopez | Director | Environmental Health and Family Asthma Program

Nursing / Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA)

Jean Sale-Shaw | Director of Patient Services | Home Nursing /Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA)

Parenting and Child Development

Wendy Mirón | Director | Parenting and Child Development

Inginia Garcia | Supervisor | Parenting and Child Development

Preventive Services

Nilsa Welsh | Director | Family Support and Preventive Services



Catherine Flores Proctor | Controller

Maritza Galarza  | Staff Accountant

Development and Communications

Asari Beale | Director | Communications

Trish Gough | Director | Volunteers

Gloria A. Morton, MPA | Director | Corporate and Foundation Relations

Antonio Papini | Manager  | Special Events

IT & Facilities

Jose Lopez  |  Manager  | IT

Sam Vargas  |  Manager | Facilities

The answers to today’s questions lie in our mutual search and struggle. Only together can we all have a greater life, create more hope, more peace, more goodness.

Mutuality has a rippling effect; it keeps moving outward as do all growing things…

           —Sr. Margaret Leonard, LSA, 1972