Why East Harlem / El Barrio?

Despite pockets of gentrification, East Harlem continues to rank among the highest in New York City for risk factors to child health and well being.

Child Poverty Rate:  47%  (2nd worst in NYC)

 Overall poverty: 33% ( 8th worst in NYC. The Federal Poverty Level for a family of four is $25,100)

Asthma Emergency Room Visits for Children: Ranked 3rd highest in NYC at a rate of 282.5 (rate refers to number of cases per 1,000 children)

Obesity Among Public Elementary and Middle Schoolers: Ranked #2 in NYC at 24.6%

Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations:  Ranked 5th highest in NYC at a rate of 54.9 (The NYC rate is 30.  The rate refers to number of cases per 1,000 children.)

Mothers who gave birth with little or no prenatal care: 8.4% (Almost double the Manhattan average of 4.9%.)

Infant Mortality Rate: 5.3 (compare to Upper East Side: 1.8)

Community Living in ‘Fair to Poor’ Housing Conditions: 42.2%

Major Sources of Air Pollution: 3 bus depots and 1 wastewater treatment plant (the most in Manhattan)

*Statistics:  Citizens’ Committee for Children of NYC, Inc.