Original East Harlem home of LSA

Mission and History

Our Mission:

LSA Family Health Service, founded by the Little Sisters of the Assumption, strengthens and empowers vulnerable families and children by meeting their basic needs for food, healthcare, education and a safe home, in the belief that affirming families in their own dignity improves the entire community.

The first Little Sisters of the Assumption building, on East 15th Street, New York City, 1892
Historic photo of LSA building
Former East Harlem location on East 119th Street
LSA Family Health Service
LSA Family Health Service today.

Catalysts for change for over a century

LSA Historic News Clip
“These Six Women Come Here on a Mission of Humanity.”
—New York World, April 20, 1891


LSA Family Health Service has been operating in El Barrio / East Harlem since 1958. But our roots go back to 1891, when the first Little Sisters of the Assumption arrived here from Paris to nurse the “sick poor” in their own homes with respect and dignity.

Today, as a secular nonprofit agency, we proudly honor our mission, roots and our founders’ choice to value and respect diversity and the differences between us—including race, gender, religion, income, lifestyle or nation of origin.

Those first LSA visiting nurses saw themselves as catalysts for change in the lives of vulnerable families. They believed in what we now call social justice and empowerment, with health and wellbeing forming a cornerstone of strength, just as we still believe today.

We Believe in…

The uniqueness and dignity of each person

The strength of families

The power of relationships

The richness of diversity

Justice as a right for every person

The creativity of the human spirit

The importance of the spiritual search