Additional Support Services

Mental Health Services
LSA’s full-time Mental Health Counselor/Art Therapist develops and implements a mental health program to offer free bilingual (English and Spanish) individual and group therapy and family support to women participating in agency programs. The program is informed by LSA’s mission and engages clients through a combination of Creative Arts Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamics Therapy.

The mental health program uses a holistic strength-based approach to work with trauma survivors. These interventions are tailored for women of childbearing age, many of whom are immigrants, who have suffered toxic stress and trauma from domestic violence often in connection with substance abuse, miscarriage, grief and loss, history of childhood trauma, postpartum depression, anxiety, traumatic reunification process and post-traumatic stress disorder. The services are designed in a culturally responsible manner.

LSA’s provides the following mental health services:
• Short-Term 12-week individual therapy sessions utilizing a combination of Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
• Long-Term 40-week individual therapy sessions utilizing a combination of Art Therapy, Psychodynamic Approaches and CBT.
• Building Bridges of Hope Art Therapy Group for 12 weeks twice a year.
• One-time Art Therapy Workshops

Cada Paso Walking Program
Cada Paso is a monthly walking program for families in East Harlem, formed in partnership between LSA and the Department of Preventive Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Although East Harlem endures greater health disparities compared with other parts of New York City, it is fortunate to have multiple health and social resources within the two square miles that comprise the neighborhood. Cada Paso’s evolving curriculum of walks are tailored to address parents’ health concerns. By combining the physical activity of walking with educational content, conversation with allied health professionals, social networking and on-the-spot access to health resources we endeavor to empower families with the tools to preserve and enhance their health and achievement.

Recipe for a Healthy Family / Receta para una familia saludable
A program in partnership with Mount Sinai Medical Center, Receta para una familia saludable is a nutrition and fitness curriculum conducted in Spanish that aims at reducing the high incidence of childhood obesity in East Harlem. Parents and children participate in workshops together, led by nutritionist Marilyn Figueroa. Each workshop session focuses on a specific theme and includes exercise and the preparation of a simple recipe.

The program was recognized on Mount Sinai’s Education Research Day, April 28th, 2015. LSA’s Heather Mitchell, nutritionist Marilyn Figueroa, and Dr. Lindsey Waldman and Dr. Leora Mogilner from Mount Sinai were awarded a blue ribbon for their presentation Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle: An Obesity Prevention Program for Hispanic Mothers of Children Ages 0-5 in East Harlem, New York. (Read the abstract.) The award is sponsored by the Institute for Medical Education to “recognize creative and exciting work in education research and curricular innovation taking place every day within our health system.”  .

Food Bank for NYC VITA Program
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program helps New Yorkers who earn  $54,000 or less to complete their taxes.  Advocates at LSA work with Food Bank for NYC to connect clients with volunteers who assist them with preparing and submitting their tax returns.