01 Feb

Stand with East Harlem

We stand with East Harlem. Photo by Micah Rubin

Our statement on immigration:

LSA Family Health Service stands with immigrants, refugees and people of all faiths, and supports national and local policies that preserve and protect the rights of immigrant families.  LSA will continue to provide Health & Wellness programs and Family Support services without regard to immigration status.  We are committed to the families of East Harlem. We are friends and neighbors, and we work together to make the community better for everyone regardless of country of origin, religion, or ethnicity.

We urgently need your help to ensure that we can continue to be here for families in crisis!

Here at LSA we serve a largely immigrant population.  With the uncertainty around federal policies, now more than ever, we are on the front line with our neighbors in East Harlem, responding to their questions, making sure they know their rights, and connecting them with free legal services.
Our Advocacy & Food Pantry program is a main entry point to LSA and has led the agency in reaching out to immigrant families in our community. In 2016, this heroic team of only five staff members attended 6,863 client visits for food and 7,642 client visits for services! That includes one-on-one meetings with families to understand and address their needs as well as boots-on-the-ground work in libraries, churches, and community centers, helping our neighbors access important services.

The Advocacy & Food Pantry program budget for 2017 is underfunded. Simply put, we need to raise $180,000 to keep this program running.

Can you make a donation today to support this program?

Most of the families at LSA consist of two parents with at least one working adult in the household. But with an average household income of less than $20,000 a year, they struggle with basic necessities – including having enough food for everyone. 33% of families we serve live doubled or tripled up with other families in small apartments. They face chronic health conditions, poor housing, and other challenges that no one should have to face alone.

Every single parent we serve wants their kids to grow up healthy, educated and safe. That’s what we want too, that’s what we work towards, and that’s why we’re asking for your support.

Please donate today to stand up for immigrant families in East Harlem.

When you make a 100% tax-deductible donation to our Advocacy & Food Pantry program, you support:
• Immigration education and outreach: referrals and “Know Your Rights” workshops
• Immigrant legal support: free legal consultation through partner organizations
• DACA outreach
• Food pantry
• Housing legal support
• Help accessing public benefits
• Advocacy and empowerment
• Referrals to LSA and non-LSA programs

Thank you for your support!

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Photo by Micah Rubin.