Business Advisory Council

LSA is in the process of forming a Business Advisory Council (BAC) to act as a “brain trust” for LSA leadership as the agency positions itself for the future. The BAC will help LSA access the resources and expertise that will enable it to more effectively fulfill its mission of serving the families and community of East Harlem.

We are currently recruiting members to join the BAC.  Members will include individuals committed to positive social change who are affiliated with corporations, financial institutions, law firms, non-profits, real estate developers, and other businesses, including those local to East Harlem. It will include individuals/organizations who can address issues related to LSA’s growth, its specific programmatic needs, as well as public relations and resource development. The BAC would have no legal or fiduciary responsibility to LSA, nor would it be involved in the management of LSA. All BAC members would serve on a purely volunteer basis.

Benefits for Business Advisory Council Members:

  • An opportunity to make a difference in your community.
  • Increase your corporate visibility.
  • Listing on LSA’s BAC webpage and BAC brochure insert.
  • Meet other business professionals, increasing your professional network.
  • Invitation to social and networking events to connect with other business professionals.
  • Invitation to LSA special events.
  • Mention in LSA annual report.

Contributions of the BAC could include:

  • Specific industry and/or disciplinary expertise related to LSA’s programmatic areas
  • Strategic planning
  • Help in addressing LSA specific needs (computers, furniture, printing, etc.)
  • Access to members’ professional and/or social networks
  • Identification of new programmatic, community and city-wide partnership opportunities
  • Public visibility for LSA and its work
  • Resource development and support for events


For more information about the Business Advisory Council, contact Gloria Morton, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at 646-672-5200.