28 Apr

Finding Purpose in Service

Volunteer Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz, Volunteer Executive Assistant

“It’s such a different work environment at LSA” said Laura Diaz, who volunteered as an Executive Assistant at LSA recently. Having come from a corporate background –14 years at financial institution, UBS — Laura noted that “everyone is so open and friendly” at LSA and that it feels “like a family.”

Laura was volunteering two days a week offering administrative support to Russell Nobles, our Chief Program Officer.  Laura helped tremendously in a variety of ways – including putting together all the elements for a grant proposal so that it was more cohesive – (and the good news, we received the grant!) She also did research about background checks, putting together a detailed analysis of different background checking companies.

Laura’s reason for volunteering was to spend her time in a meaningful way while she looked for a job. She commuted all the way from Jersey City – about an hour and half each way to LSA. She said the time spent volunteering at LSA “helped me get a better sense of self and purpose.”

Laura now works for a private equity firm, Fortress Investments. While we were sorry to see her leave, we wish her well in her new position.  The service she gave while at LSA was invaluable.